Gregory Harold Gust

May 11th, 1967 - August 8th, 1996

Thank you for visiting this Web page, dedicated to the memory of Gregory Harold Gust. Greg had been working as a Trial Attorney with the United States Department of Justice in Washington, DC, and took his own life in the early morning of August 8th, 1996, at his apartment in Arlington, VA. Greg was the beloved son of Diki and John of Chicago, and the cherished brother of Paulette, Charles, Michael, and Christine in Seattle, and of Lawrence in Chicago.

In lieu of flowers, our family is requesting any remembrances be made to some organizations Greg especially supported.

One of Charles' friends is Michael Connell, and he forwarded a touching poem that his mother left him before she died. Mom read it and requested we make it available here as well.

Marie-Therese Connolly was one of Greg's co-workers, and wrote "For Greg, for us all". Laurence J. Freedman performed the reading at Greg's memorial service in the Great Hall at the Department of Justice on August 27th, 1996.

One of Mom's friends Sherri Brooks forwarded "Heart Place" by Deborah Gemmill from the SIDS web site and it is reproduced here with permission.

A gathering was held Sunday, September 22nd, 1996 at Charles' home in Seattle. The attendees attempted to perform one of Greg's favorite karoke selections, "Mack the Knife" and proved that the vocal talent in the family was all concentrated in Greg.

Shortly before he died, Greg had constructed his own personal Web page. He never got a chance to publish it on his own, so we have made it available here. In Greg's things were some notes he made about changes and additions he wanted to make to his personal Web page, even though he never published it! I will be performing those changes and additions in the future and you'll be able to get to it from this page. One thing in particular he wanted to include was a picture of his cats, which I have finally obtained in digital form.

Some other family members have Web pages too. I was the first, followed by a detailed accounting of Mom's open-heart surgery. As we have news of other friends and family pages, we will add them to a list of links maintained here. To add your link or any comments about Greg, just let me know via email.

The family held a gathering celebrating Greg's life on the weekend of August 10th, 1996. We collected photographs from friends and family and filled the walls with the snapshots. We made an attempt to preserve many of the snapshots by videotaping them. The video images were subsequently transferred to my computer, which allows us to place some of these pictures within this Web site. We will be adding or changing the photographs presented here randomly over time. last updated 08/10/2005
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