Hillary and Casey

Greg's two Siamese-mix cats lived out happy lives at Mom's house. The sisters were mercifully put to sleep June 24, 2005 when mortal renal failure was confirmed. Their cremated remains will someday join Gregory's. Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, primarily for her propensity to scale anything within his various apartments. The other cat spent a lot of her time sneaking around, warily examining every nook and cranny, which reminded Greg of "casing the joint", hence the moniker Casey.

(60,074 bytes JPEG) Hillary is pictured crouching next to a small pile of catnip on Mom's back porch. Natural sunlight has rendered her coloring fairly accurately.

(64,403 bytes JPEG) Casey is pictured lounging on a blanket in Mom's green bedroom. Although I tried to augment the weak lighting with a 500W floodlight, I couldn't get it close enough to Casey without annoying her, so the picture didn't come out well. She's about the same coloring as Hillary, above.

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